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My name is
Corey Vilhauer.

I am a user experience architect at Blend Interactive. I write here. I also write at Eating Elephant about content strategy, and occasionally at Kallax 365 about records. The W stands for Wayne.

Latest Posts

August 17, 2018

Fire, Change, and the Valleys I Know

Two valleys in the west — Jackson Hole in Wyoming, and Teton Valley in Idaho — have helped shape who I am throughout my life, and both are seeing massive change. In this, I attempt to wrap my mind around what that means — to the valleys, and to me.

August 6, 2018

Summer Hates Routines; Loves Fabricoh

You know that thing when you have a song stuck in your head for a really long time, but instead of “your head” it’s actually “your car” and instead of “stuck” it’s actually just “your dumb Bluetooth?” It’s like that.

July 9, 2018

Change Sucks, But So Does Travis Tritt

A road trip and a stack of neo-traditional country CDs, both helping fuel a too-deep essay about why we stop looking for new music and how hard it is to change our tastes.

June 6, 2018

The Hill as a Cardiac Event

When the world becomes your singletrack trail, you begin making excuses for trampling the grass. So to speak.

May 31, 2018

New Soundtracks for Classic Games

I listened to enough music while playing old Nintendo games back to have conflated the original game soundtracks with my personal music choices.

Selected Works

August 5, 2015The Pastry Box Project

While No Guitar Gently Weeps

The world continues to move even as you wander around, looking for inspiration, and the risk is always there: what happens when everyone passes you by, and what happens when you realize you never really cared in the first place?

February 28, 2012A List Apart

Audiences, Outcomes, and Determining User Needs

Every website needs an audience. And every audience needs a goal. How do we get to really know our audience and find out what these mystery users really want from our sites and applications?

May 2013Offscreen Magazine

Life In Folders

Commissioned thoughts on organizing photos, organizing files and folders, and organizing life.

January 14, 2014Black Marks on Wood Pulp

The Ocean

Thoughts on large bodies of water, the dream and desire to see the world, and the utter exhaustion of travelling for work when all you want to do is hang out at home and be a dad.

December 7, 2011Contents Magazine

A Content Methodology Primer

Content wants to be messy. It wants to roll around in the mud. It wants to be gross. Our job is to pull it together—to take the guesswork out of creating and curating it—and to treat content work as something closer to a science.

July 19, 2011Eating Elephant

Domain Knowledge: What You Need - Or Don't Need - To Know

As content strategists, we are expected to help our clients communicate the concepts, benefits and advantages of their company or industry. But we are not who our clients are. We do not possess the same amount of knowledge about their business. How do we bridge this gap?